January 21, 2017 in blog

DAY #9,517

So it’s 2017, what have I got on this year? I know I’ve been quiet for quite some time but I feel I should break that silence.

This year I shall be performing the 5th series of my Podcast live in a few venues so I’ll announce more on that soon.

I will hopefully return to stand-up soon amongst other things.

My book ‘Don’t be a Bastard, John’ will be released this spring on Amazon and in Stores so that is something! It’s currently being illustrated so when I have the final drawings and parts it will be compiled and sent for print. I really can’t wait for this as I wrote it so long ago.


It’s early in the year and there isn’t that much to report but I need to get back on the horse and stop staying so quiet.



October 15, 2015 in blog

DAY #9,053

So I haven’t updated this website in ages, in fact my web presence has been at an all time low, I don’t tweet, I hardly update my Facebook page anymore let alone this blog.

The truth is I have been really busy, I’ve moved in with my girlfriend Christa who now has to put up with me, I am a big child. Plus with this there is always housework and DIY to be done which when playing about takes hours for a simple job because something seems to be funny.

On top of all the unpacking and bits I am back on people’s telly sets and have been since September. I am one of the Hosts of Talk Lancashire on That’s TV Lancashire, Freeview 8 in the region. It’s great being back in that environment but as with any project I work on I want to do the other things I love such as Stand-up and Podcasting which I will always try to make time for.

Other than this I did do the 24 hour Animal Morris Podcast with celeb guests joining me in aid of The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust and we beat our target. I couldn’t be more pleased with what was accomplished. In total I was awake for 36 hours, and those joining me along the way got me through it.

All I can say now is that I will try updating stuff more, if not here Facebook as I’m now in love with the Facebook Live feature. So look out for bits.


Ta & Tata.


July 9, 2015 in blog


This interview is with a band I’ve got into quite recently and now they are a favourite to listen to, you should too. Here’s my interview with Lapko.

What music did you listen to as a Teenager?

Lots of punk. Bands like Bad Religion, Propagandhi, NOFX and some other more progressive ones such as Tool and Queen.

What inspired you to start creating music of your genre/style?

We juts started to play without thinking what we’re doing and in which genre it would fit in. There wasn’t too many bands around in the west coast where we lived back then so it was basically just some random noise we managed to get out from our instruments.

What has been your favourite gig of your career?

Back in the days we didn’t find festivals any nicer than clubs. Nowadays it has changed a bit and it’s always super cool to play in front of the drunken festival audience in a massive tent for example.

How have you grown musically since the beginning?

We are now more into melodies than before. When we started it was important to be heavy enough and that’s it.

If you could change to one other Genre what would it be?

Personally I’m not thinking about genres too much. It’s all about good music and high volume.

What made you choose your Band name?

Accident. It sounded and felt good in mouth. It’s kind of a thing one shouldn’t analyze too much I think.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists or musicians new to the scene?

First, do handful of good songs, then find a proper manager or management and last but not least – stay fit in every possible way. Everything else comes along then…

Pick one, Tea or Coffee?


Pizza or Salad?

Salad, unfortunately!

cats or dogs?


fave tv show?

House of Cards, Top of the Lake…

who rules, girls or boys?


June 23, 2015 in blog

DAY #8,939

it’s been a while since I posted anything. I don’t know if I have anything to talk about really. I’ve decided to stop Podcasting if that is something. 4 series is enough I think and it’s time to try something new. I loved Podcasting as I missed radio and it gave that little bit back and to know that people were downloading and listening was amazing. It did well in 2012 with the nomination and that stuff. I might make a best of bits and stories over the last 4 series and release it sometime but for now that is it. I’ve really enjoyed it.

I don’t know what is new to do, I may go back to presenting little things for people. I miss doing the red carpet stuff if that is anything to go by but I do live in the North now so it makes it difficult so that may have to be a one off thing now and again, maybe get back on radio at one point, who knows.

I know I don’t perform stand-up as much as most comedians, I recently went back to Fubar Radio and had a chat with Mark Dolan about this, I’ll see if I can upload a clip if I still have it. We spoke about comedy in general and as much as I love stand up, I can’t keep travelling every night of the week performing as I love to do other bits.

Also we’ve been working on My Reluctant Friend recently. We’ve filmed quite a bit and starting to price bits together and it looks like filming will continue after some of the cast get back from Edinburgh in august.

other than that there isn’t much news, there is stuff I want to talk about but now isn’t the perfect time so I’ll save that for another post.

Ta & Tata.


May 5, 2015 in blog


I’ve been wanting to do this interview with Jesse Oliver for a while, I’ve been a fan of his music for a few years now and I was lucky enough to come into contact with him, I hope that contact will stay as his career goes on. I don’t want to give too much background into Jesse because he is an artist you’ll just have to listen to, I mean it you’ll get hooked and once you do you can look more into him. I’ll leave a track at the bottom as I always do and here are those questions I ask them all!

What music did you listen to as a Teenager?

 I spent my teenage years with a healthy diet of Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin and the Cure.

What inspired you to start creating music of your genre/style?

I’ve always been drawn to electronic sounds and music and have been listening to it more than twenty years. Starting to make it came out naturally.

What has been your favourite gig of your career?

I really enjoyed Djing at Wanderlust with Jay Lamar and would definitely want to play there again.

How have you grown musically since the beginning?

I would like to think I’ve broadened my knowledge of music in many aspects: chord-,rhytm-, arrangement wise. It’s a never ending journey when it comes to music.

If you could change to one other Genre what would it be?

Don’t really have to and thank god for pseudonyms. It would be a bit boring to make just one type of music for the rest of your life.

What made you choose your Band name?

My first and second name sound good together.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists or musicians new to the scene?

 Try to work with people who are better than you.

Pick one, Tea or Coffee?


Pizza or Salad?


cats or dogs?


fave tv show?

From recent ones I would say True Detective and my all time favorite is Twin Peaks

who rules, girls or boys?

Depends on the situation

February 11, 2015 in blog


People who read my blog know that I’m good friends with Jaani Peuhu, a Finnish musician who makes amazing music. We’ve been friends for a few years now and I follow his career so closely. So here is my interview with one of my great friends, Jaani Peuhu. I can’t say much else.

What music did you listen to as a Teenager?

Stuff that every teenager should listen. Bands like: Funebre, Terrorizer, Unholy, Nocturnus, Demigod, Gorefest, Eterne, Nihilist, Beherit, Depravity, Pestilence, Sentenced, Convulse, My Dying Bride, Autopsy, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Obituary, Dark Throne, Lubricant, Grave, Dismember, Cathedral, Unleashed, Cancer, Death, Solitude Aeturnus etc… My dad gave me Depeche Modes album (Violator) and I felt so damn insulted. Nobody was screaming and double bass drum patters weren’t faster than… ööö… fast. Total crap I would say but then I changed my mind a bit later. Dude got a point. And then came grunge and fucked up everything. I remember that in one point I listened to commodore 64 game c-cassettes… Just digital noise but I got kicks out of it so why not?

What inspired you to start creating music of your genre/style?

Well that Depeche Mode album did lot of damage and then Björks first album… Oh my Lord. The Cure also came pretty early. Maybe it was some metal band covering them or praising them in an interview or some shady stuff like. Then I joined a goth band as a drummer (Varjo) and that opened the gates to goth so that was the last nail in my coffin. And with this goth I am not talking about is not these modern goth metal bands for fuck sakes..

What has been your favourite gig of your career?

Hmmm… There have been few super cool ones.

My first gig. Band was called Chaoslord and we played 2h set… We though that everybody does… We had no clue about anything but that was how long Metallica’s gig was when we went to see them so…

First gig abroad was in Moscow with Deadbabes at some festival. Oh mama.

Iconcrash supporting My Chemical Romance @ Hartwall Arena. That was crazy cool. We thought that the audience will kill us but no they actually seemed to enjoy it and MCR guys were very sweet people. We supported also Kaiser Chiefs and White Lies when they performed in Finland but they weren’t that interested of our company.

UMK Finals @ Ice Hall (Eurovision Song Competition’s Finnish finals.) It was pretty exciting to play live in TV + ice hall and we had explosions and all that shit.

Seamen’s Church in Hampurg / Germany few months ago. We played acoustic in a little church and the the atmosphere there somehow pretty magical. Not in occult way, but just very personal and emotional.

I sang a song I sang in my grand moms funerals and I just could not stop crying. it was beautiful.

A tour with Anathema in Finland was also pretty cool. I love their music.

How have you grown musically since the beginning?

No not at all. When I listen to my first recordings I feel depressed cause back then I was much more brave with arrangement. I just didn’t care about any rules or theory in music and that is how it should still be.

If you could change to one other Genre what would it be?

I have done some very brutal metal tracks but also I am planning to do an acoustic album… Also I want to do movies scores. I have had songs in movies and tv-series already but I want to go deeper and actually write for the movie and not just watch the movie fingers crossed hoping that there are as many seconds of my song as possible.

What made you choose your Band name?

Deadline. Don’t ask about the story behind the name because every time is a different story. It was in a fortune cookie!!! Yes!!!! Per Gessle from Roxette told me the name in a dream. I swear the Gods that is how it happened.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists or musicians new to the scene?

More cowbell! To be honest it depends on a band. I like to help new bands and there are few fresh bands I kinda looking after. They all work very hard and have a right kinda attitude so I am very happy to help them as much I can. Two of them just got signed to major labels I am very happy about that.

Pick one, Tea or Coffee?

Coffee!!!! I am finn. We use coffee more than we use water. OK we use water in our coffee but you got my point right?

Pizza or Salad?

Salad. Btw my fav pizza is potato pizza. Ever tried? It is a big deal in a certain part of Italy.

cats or dogs?

Cats. I have had both, but I like cats attitude. They just don’t give a fuck about anything. Punks.

fave tv show?

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Wire, Big Bang Theory, The Office (UK), The League Of Gentlemen and Emmerdale

who rules, girls or boys?

Girls. Absolutely. 24/7.

January 28, 2015 in blog

DAY #8,793

So it’s the 8,793rd day for my on this earth it’s going good so far.
I thought I’d blog about information, specifically how it moves around the internet and more specifically about me. But then again it’s basically about all information and how it circulates.

In the past year my profile grew quite a bit, not blew up but it did grow. I had a lot of followers on twitter and facebook for a while, that wasn’t new to me. But that was just through retweets and shares. But then after doing stuff for Grab London and other little bits I ended up on Wikipedia. This also gives people a tonne of information as soon as they type your name in to Google. You can even ask for my birthday.

Here’s the first thing. Wikipedia is not 100% correct, it never will be, it’s normally based on sources from other media such as TV, Newspapers or Radio and even Blogs. A lot of the sources on my Wiki seem to be from my blog but they obviously didn’t read the posts properly. I’d say the stuff about me on there is 80% correct, before you say that’s quite correct, it’s 20% wrong.

after Wikipedia came the websites, these websites host celebrity gossip and take from Wikipedia and even misread that. For example: Famousbirthdays.com – This website gives trivia on Celebrities and their birthdays. It seems to have taken most of it’s information from my Wikipedia article and distorted it even more. It’s about 50% true. What happens next is newsmakers take this stuff as fact, print it then the news becomes a source for Wikipedia even worsening it.

Last year I got Verified on Facebook and so I post all my updates there as it shows that it’s an official source, I do have a twitter account, but I don’t use it. I’ve just become very careful of what I write because of the crap that will go online.

I guess what I’m saying is, not everything you read is true and that I would have gotten a better grade in school if I didn’t copy from Wikipedia all the time.


January 14, 2015 in blog

DAY #8,779

First post of 2015, I’ll try to fit a lot in. I might just write and noticed what I think is a lot is hardly anything.

I’ve been working with some great people on so many various things which i’ll shed a bit of light on in a moment, but first, I’m doing stand-up again. I know I don’t do it as often as a lot of comedians out there. I love it, it’s great and will always do it just I love to do more things too. You’ll see my gigs on the live page if you want tickets or anything. I’m going to try and fit in as many as i can possibly do this year around other projects.

The Podcast series 4 will start recording the end of this month with a new Co-host. I’ve actually prepared stuff for it this series which I’ve never done. A lot of people say that series 2 seemed prepared and it was, but not by me, I was too lazy, thank Gary for that.

Also, today I breifly posted about a book I’ve written on my facebook page:

The thing is, it’s not a big fat book, it’s not about me, its nothing really about anything. It’s a Childrens book, but then again it’s not, it’s a parody of a Childrens book for adults.

I’m meeting tomorrow with the Illustrator who is an old friend of mine and artist Charlotte Johnson. I’ve seen a lot of her Art and thought it was a good move for this book. You can see more of her stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteJohnsonFineArtist.

The book should be availble to buy from Amazon and other stores from end of March complete with illustrations and words.

Ta & Tata

December 15, 2014 in blog

DAY #8,749

It’s coming up to Christmas and my 24th Birthday so I’ve been working hard to clear some time. I’ve prepared 6 episodes for Series 4 of the Podcast which should start at the end of January.
I’ve also been spending time writing a new music video which I shall direct for my dear friend Jaani Peuhu. This shall be released when his debut solo album hits the shelves. All I will say is the Video is for the track ‘Lifelines’ and it’s amazing. I should start filming it in the coming weeks and editing as I go along.

Over Christmas I’ll stay in Blackpool and chill in my warm house while for new years I shall stay with my sister back in London to see my friends and family for my birthday.

I may not blog again until then so for now, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

December 8, 2014 in blog


I thought I’d do something a bit different and interview one of my best friends, Louis Findlay. We grew up on the same street together always wanting to perform. He ended up being an Actor while I do stand-up and presenting. We’re still very close even though I now live on the otherside of the country. Anyway, here it is, my interview with Louis Findlay.

What made you go into acting, who inspired you?

I’ve never been academic, I knew that from an early age. My parents were regularly called to my primary school with a complaint from the teachers condemning me a “Disruptive child” informing my parents that when ever there was any work to be done I’d turn my nose up at it and either pull the toys out to play with or begin drawing. My parents weren’t having me painted with a bad brush and decided to get a professional explanation as to weather I was dyslectic or had ADHD, luckily I didn’t, it was just a simple case of a confused 4 year old who needed a bit of extra tuition. I’ve never been a mathematician and still to this day find it difficult but I’m slowly learning now. No matter how many times the teacher would repeat and go over the same equation with me it just would not go in and I gave up. I felt dumb, belittled myself and thought I was no good. As children in the play ground we learn to play games such as Cops and Robbers,( I much preferred playing a robber) Mum’s and Dad’s etc, for me this was my way out and after mastering a fine American accent that my young self was particularly proud of I went down a treat with the other kids. At the end of school term we’d put on shows and I jumped at the chance to get involved, I remember playing a frog when my year performed Alice In Wonderland I was cast as a frog with one line which I thought at the time I nailed “Come on, this way to dry land”. Talking about who inspired me to be an actor, I owe it all to my Nan, she’s my best friend and I’d be no where without that incredible woman. We used to play Peter Pan when we were younger and she told me no matter what I can do anything if I want it hard enough. She was right.

What is your process, how do you prepare for a role?

Like a lawyer representing a client, it is their job to do as much research as they can about the person they are defending in front of the Judge. Research is everything and it is the only way you are going to be able to breathe life into a character, if you don’t you’ll have a very stale performance which will loose the audiences attention in seconds. Recently I’ve been lucky with the roles I’ve won, I’m starting to find similarities between myself and the character I’m playing. Sometimes I recognise the character as someone I’ve seen in a movie so I try to put a bit of that into my performance. Before I go on set I listen to music to get me into the right frame of mind but nothing beats working closely with the director.

You are working on a short film called “Way Out” cast as a Boxer, how are you enjoying it?

Unfortunately I don’t want to say too much about this project just yet as I’m sure you can appreciate. However, what I can say is that I’m very excited to begin rehearsals next year and cant wait to start shooting. I’ve always wanted to do a boxing film and I’m ashamed to say that until recent I had only just watched the Rocky Saga. Stallone- What a man. My dad was a boxer in his prime and he has been teaching me whenever he can, although I’m sure he’s punishing me for 24 years of hell I’ve given him. I recently joined a boxing class at my Gym that I go to every saturday and its a killer, hard work pays off and I’m sure you’ll see that in the final product. I cant wait for everyone to see it.

Whats the most fun you’ve had in this profession?

The most fun I’ve ever had would have to be my first gig working on “Krish and Lee” It was the first film I had ever done and I was very excited to be thrown into the deep end. At the time I had a huge crush on Jessica-Jane Stafford (Formerly Clements) And I was dancing with her, eating pizza at the same table as her. I truly was the cat that got the cream. The Hooligan Factory was hillarious too, we were working on snowy February at Elstree Studios and the weather was freezing. The director Nick Nevern who also plays Dex kept everybodys spirits alive and managed to pull us through each day. Watch the bloopers you’ll see how much fun we had each day.
But It really is about embracing every moment while you can,I’m very lucky to be doing what I do.
I have a great team around me who support me 100 % and I run everything I do by my Nan, my girlfriend is very understanding and knows how much this means to me.

What would be your dream role?

I kind of made an actors business plan. Can you do that? I think so…I’d love to work on Eastenders for a couple of years and progress to my dream job working in the States on Hollywood Films. I’d like to play a Bond villain, I don’t quite have the body for a Bond girl.

If not an Actor, what would you of liked to have done?

I do modelling too when Acting work is dry, but I also enjoy being behind the camera just as much as I do in front of it, so I guess a director. I love screen writing too and have written dozens of films and have already began production. I’ve always had a sharp eye for fashion, particularly Tailoring and have worked in the City for a short while with a company. I’m working on my own clothing line and am in no rush to release anything until I am confident I have a product worth selling.

Any advice for any budding actors?

Acting is a funny old game, you have to be patient with it,sometimes you’ll have dry spells where you wont be working for months and then the next the wind will change and you’ll get dozens of auditions in the pipeline. Don’t be afraid of rejection, use that as fuel to secure future audition’s. Surround yourself with like minded people and you’ll soon see rewards. If you struggle finding auditions, film something to showcase to agents. The power of the internet.

Lets get personal, Pick one, Tea or Coffee?

Tea, three sugars.

Pizza or Salad?


cats or dogs?

I want a dog but my girlfriend wont let me. I have a cat and wouldn’t change him for the world and may have another little one on the way.

fave tv show?

I don’t watch much TV but its always been Eastenders (Guilty pleasure)

who rules, girls or boys?
There’s no point arguing-Girls (Apparently 😉 )

Here is his IMDB for more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5171816/